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About TONISCO Valves, Reinforcement Rings and Sluice Plates

Nominal Size:DN20-DN100
Name:TONISCO Valves, Reinforcement Rings and Sluice Plates
  • Valve: EN10025 355J2G4
  • Reinforcement Ring: EN10025 355J2G4
  • Sluice Plate: Special Carbon Steen Wst.Nr. 1.0605
    Construction Control:Pressure Test
    Pressure Testing:21 bar
    Service Press (max):16 bar
    Service Temp (max):-40° to 160° C
    For velded braching we offer s.c. branching-valves, wich is valves without any moving parts (no bulbs/balls) - in order to avoid future damages and corossion-risks.

    The valves are VERY SHORT ( 130-175mm) and requires very little "working-space".

    EPDM-linings (viton) and made of steel SS2174 or EN S355J2G4. Also avaliable in acid-free materials as AISI 316 for work in ccoling-systems etc.