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About Jr. Drilling Machine

Nominal Size:DN20-DN100
Name:Jr. Drilling Machine
  • Electric drive 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz 1000 W
  • Pneumatic drive 6-7 bar / 1500 l/min
  • Verktyget: Härdat konstruktionsstål
  • Matarratt: Lättmetall
    Spider Sealings:EPDM (Viton)
    Body Sealing:EPDM (Viton)
    Construction Control:Pressure Test and Functions Control
    Pressure Testing:60 bar
    Service Press (max):25 bar
    Service Temp (max):160° C
    The J:r is our most sold branchingmachine. Dimensions ranges from 1" to 4" for the "water-version" and from DN 20 to DN 100 for the velding version.

    The drillingmachine is electrical, but also pneumatic is available.
    Maximum working pressure 25 Bar and maxtemperature 160C.
    This tool is very common with Munincipal Heating companies, Water-works and larger velding/pipe-entrepreneurs - and is fairly light and smooth to work with.

    If branchning is to be made on a pipeline with very significant pressure or if tecnical details shows that very long drilling-range i requiered, we recommend use of one of the larger branching-machines.