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About B30 Drilling Machine

Nominal Size:DN125-DN150 (VA: DN200)
Name:B30 Drilling Machine
Length:950 mm
Width:150/350 mm
Weight:32 kg
  • Electric drive 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz 1000 W
  • Pneumatic drive 6-7 bar / 1500 l/min
    Material:Construction Steel
    Spider Sealings:EPDM (Viton)
    Body Sealing:EPDM (Viton)
    Construction Control:Pressure Test and Functions Control
    Pressure Testing:60 bar
    Service Press (max):40 bar
    Service Temp (max):160° C
    B30 is our "medium range" machine - a powerful tool for larger pipelines under pressure and has a maximum working-pressure of 40 Bar and max.temp of 160C.

    The velding-version can deal with DN 80 to DN 150 and the "water-version" (through ballvalves) ranges frpm DN 80 to DN 200.

    For costumers with need for random branching in these dimensions, we can let a B30-tool. Alass - only for clients who already has (owns) a J.R-machine.

    This means that an owner of a J:r-machine can deal with branching reaching from DN 20 to DN 150 ( DN200) on their own s.t.s.