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Services and on-demand-branching

Branching on demand - no problem!
For dimensions DN 200 and larger we can offer you a "total-price" for a branching-project done by our own staff - at any place in the world!

We conduct branching for Muninc.heating companies, Mines, petro & chem. induistries, computer centrals... etc. We have been in almost every larger city in Scandinavia, in London. Paris, Venice (!), Seuol, Peking.....

Normally the mashines requiers 1,3-1,7 metres of "free workings-space" - it differs from place to place.
Electricity at hand normally, and sometimes constructions to "reach" pipes - if high up ( the maschines weigh quite a bit..).

At request we need to know the dimension for the branching, dim. at "mother"-pipe, pressure, media ( hot water, other?), and such...

Normally we'll send You the branching-valves ahead. Wo do NOT veld - so You have to have either Your own velding-competence - OR have another collaborator for this work.

As our boys travel a lot - please give us at least 2-3 weeks notice, so we have a chance to do some planning...

The largest branching project we´ve conducet in Sweden was in 2000, when we made 2 x DN600 branches at an 1000-pipeline in Stockholm.

Service? Spare parts! other questions? Please contact us with the help of our contact form at this homepage, or through our E-mail, which you'll find at the bottom of this page.