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Welcome! We Do it under pressure!

Do You or Your clients tap pipes or watersystems for no (or unnesseccary) reasons?

Branching under pressure is a well developed method since 1969, and the Tonisco-system can handle dimensions from 1/2" to DN 700.

FVA Tonisco have a complete drilling-machine-system for branching of pipelines under normal work-pressure. The Tonisco-system is used for velded valves as well as for Water-(bulb)valves and is used in more than 15 countries today.

Using Tonisco branching system You´ll:

* Save working hours
* No tap of media
* No distrubances in production

which means a cost-cutting measure, with no environmental effects and no grumpy customers / users...

Branching under pressure is a method that will pay itself the moment You start - considering the alternatives ( and costs for that).

FVA Tonisco har represented Tonisco Oy in Finland for more than 16 years - and we have done branching in whole Scandinavia, Russia, England, France, Italy, Baltic states all the way to South-Corea and PRC. The branching-system has been developed since 1969, and has its origins in Finland, where Tonisco has been the dominant part in the branching-business.