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About Branching...

Branching under pressure!

Branching under pressure has had some discussions about potential "risks" among some of the competitors withing the "Heating & pipe-business" - and as such has been somewhat "catious" about doi´n it under pressure.

In 1994/1995 we conducted a project together with some Com.heating-companies and the government authorities for Labor-protection where equipment, velding, steelquality etc was tested - everyting to result in good quality-control and safety with regard to equipment and method.

The result of this projekt was the Swedish Govmt:s approval of the Tonisco branching-method ("Fjärrvärmeföreningen 1997:15) for branching under pressure.

As far as we know.... TONISCO is the ONLY branching-method, in Sweden anyway, that has gone through this quality-control..

We are bold and frank enough to say, that the Tonisco-method pays for itself..... No watertap, no environmental effects, no distrubance in production /or demand with Your clients... it saves both money and customer-relations....

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